Smart Meters

New digital power meters or “Smart Meters” are being deployed by utility companies in a national roll-out of the Smart Grid program, which is designed to control the distribution of electric power using advanced metering technology.  Proponents claim the advantages to consumers including the ability to monitor personal power usage and become more aware of high consumption by devices or appliances or time of day, which can give the resident or business choices to reduce their bills.

Advantages to the utility companies include the ability to charge more during peak hours of demand for electricity, control and shift loads on the grid, monitor and control customer usage and collect usage data directly from the utility offices without having to employ meter readers, including turning off customer power, and provide customer usage data to third party corporations for a price for marketing and data collection purposes.

The technology of choice is wireless Smart Meters, which monitor, collect and transmit wireless microwave radiation pulses constantly every few seconds through the air, through homes and workplaces, through bedrooms, and through every cell in the human body 24/7 every day and night.  This pulsed radiation is many times the level of a cell phone, over 2,000 microWatts per square meter being transmitted through walls directly inside the building.

Other issues include privacy issues, such as monitoring power usage that would reveal when appliances are being used, hot water and showers, for instance, or if residents are home or not, security issues, such as vulnerability to hackers or others, and personal rights being violated in that the Smart Meter deployment is declared mandatory by utilities across the nation.

We are most concerned about the health issues that are being experienced by unsuspecting people who are subjected to these high exposure levels of electromagnetic radiation so close to their daily living spaces, their bodies and their children’s bodies, without their knowledge.  Symptoms include headaches, and pain at the base of the skull, brain fog, migraines, vertigo and dizziness, depression, sleep problems, joint pain, digestive problems, skin rashes and redness, cardiovascular impairments, immune system dysfunctions and even the disabling inability to speak.

If you currently have the old analog power meter on your house with the horizontal spinner dial you definitely want to keep it.  Notify your utility company that you do not want a Smart Meter and you want to keep your old meter.  If you have a Smart Meter make the same request.  But it can be more difficult to have it removed and replaced with the good old standby analog meter, which has NO microwave radiation emissions.  In the meantime the good news about radio frequencies is that it can be shielded.

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