Wireless and EMF's

We love our technology! It truly is amazing that we can talk, connect, create, capture, communicate, send and receive just about any images, sounds or ideas that we want.

Right through every cell in our bodies.

It doesn't have to be that way. But in the meantime people are getting sick. And most of them don't know why.

We are here to help inform those who are seeking this information about safer ways to use our marvelous technology. There are good, better and best choices. It's up to you.

Most people cannot feel it. They can't understand how electric fields from house wiring in the walls, or magnetic fields from their clock radios, or radio frequencies from their wireless routers or the neighborhood cell phone tower or the new digital "Smart" Meter on the side of the house could be affecting their head, their heart, their joints, their mood, their ability or inability to sleep at night.

We know this is true. We meet the people who are beginning to question, to search on the Internet for answers to why they have brain fog or brain tumors, ringing in the ears or infertility. Their doctors don't know and so give them pills that really don't work, or may even make them worse.

And when they begin to question their surroundings, their immediate environment, their living and work spaces, they look around. What is different from when they felt healthy? They feel it. They begin to connect the dots. Some cannot even go out in public because it is painful. And they are fading into the woodwork so we don't even know they exist.

We make no claims to diagnose or cure any health disorders. But we do see amazing improvements in people's lives when they pay attention to what Mother Nature has been trying to tell us all along. When we use natural materials, eat pure foods, breathe clean air and protect our natural human electrical communication system inside our bodies, from cell to healthy cell - we thrive.

Our homes are our third skin.

As Building Biologists we are not just talking about what is healthy in your home, we show you what actually exists where you work and play and sleep and rest. We use the latest in meters and equipment to measure electric fields, magnetic fields, and wireless radio frequencies (RF). We make the invisible visible. So you can see how fields drop off the further away you get from the source and where it is actually safe. You can see levels and hear the sounds of the signals that your body is silently enduring.

We can help eliminate, distance or shield these known health exposures.

Sometimes it is as simple as unplugging something to eliminate a huge source of electromagnetic radiation in your home, especially in your sleeping space, so you can relax, rest, rejuvenate, sleep and heal.

Don't be the one who says "If I only knew, I would have done anything to save my health." And our children are 100 times more susceptible to these health exposures than adults. Think about it.

If you want to know what exists in your living or work space call us at 407.859.0006 in Orlando, Florida or email us at info@greenandhealthyhomes.net.