Services - Workshops & Classes

“Learn how you can make your home a safer environment for your family. Schedule a Green and Healthy Homes session for yourself, your group or business.”

Green and Healthy Homes presents a variety of educational events that are designed for groups, businesses, students and the general public. Suggested 2-hour classes or workshops are available and will be geared to your group’s interests. 

Focus examples for those interested in: energy efficiency, health sensitivities, infant nurseries and childrens’ rooms, the sleeping sanctuary, real estate, building design and environmentally conscious best practices. 

See the Events section Schedule for upcoming open events. Past Events will give you an idea of what can be scheduled for your group. 

  • one or two hour workshops are available 
  • two or three part workshop series 
    • One evening per week or -
    • One full day or -
    • One evening and following day 

Workshops include all resource materials, handouts and Q & A for individual questions or issues brought to the workshop. 

Fees are determined based on the group’s needs. To schedule a workshop for your group or for more information, feel free to contact or call 407.859.0006.