Services - Healthy Product Research

In this world of ever-increasing "green" products sometimes it is not easy to know who to trust. We will weed through the "greenwashing" and help you prioritize the improvements you would like to make on your own time schedule. 

Building Biologists are networked in a number of ways, which allows us to keep up-to-date and connected with the best, most environmentally savvy products and service providers out there. In addition, we are constantly checking out local services and trades people, and as experience warrants, & can make recommendations. 

For a modest fee we’ll provide resources, contacts, and links to healthy products and service providers, including sources for:  

  • LED lighting, natural bedding, air filtration devices and filters
  • Children’s healthy products and recommendations
  • Service experts that speak our language with health as priority
  • Healthy repairs, renovations, remodeling, design experts         

We’ll search for you and report back what we find. Call  407.859.0006 or click here.   Average fee from $60 - $100.


A word from Diana –

“A recent example of greenwashing came to me about a family with an air purifier that emits Ozone. Believing they had done their homework the homeowners were surprised to learn that their machine was actually generating toxic air pollution. As a Building Biologist my job was to inform and educate from the most reliable sources, studies, and research sites that we have access to. It still amazes me that there are no government regulations preventing the sale of these machines, especially when the EPA has documented the studies of lung damage, oxidation of body tissue, neurological effects and death from inhalation of Ozone.”