Services - Home Assessments

All Assessments begin with a free initial phone conversation and brief survey to best determine your home’s criteria and how we can help. 

Based on your situation, whether you want a consultation to give your home a clean bill of health, help with home improvements and greener options, or a more, in depth inspection to gather data on specific problems, we'll find solutions and choices for you. 

  • Initial Conversation/Brief Survey About the Home
    • Location
    • Size, age, type of building
    • History, repairs, renovations
    • General elements, electric/gas appliances, type of flooring, etc.
    • Technology used, phones, computers, wi-fi, etc.
    • Any health issues or concerns, timing patterns
  • Scheduling – three to four hours, or more based on needs

  • Assessment Procedures

    • Visual Evaluation - outdoors/indoors
    • Measuring, testing and/or sampling using the latest meters and equipment
    • Sharing the investigation process with the occupants as a learning experience
  • Findings
    • Recommendations
    • Resources
  • Follow-up phone consultation to answer questions – included
  • Sampling and lab analysis. Fees are additional, if you decide to proceed with testing. An example may be taking a dust sample from your vacuum or carpet or vent to check for allergens.
  • Detailed Report available if needed, extra charge may apply. Can be used to coordinate renovations, health care practices, etc. 

Your GHH consultant will arrive with meters and measuring equipment and a consent form for you to sign before beginning the service. Full payment is made on the day of the visit by cash/check or by credit card via PayPal.   

The good news is that, with this important information, you have choices. And they are based on what is good for your health and the health of your family. 

  • Full home Assessment – Four hours average 
    • Includes Indoor Air Quality
      • Air Quality measurements for suspected Allergens, including air particulates, spores, VOCs, gases and carbon monoxide
      •  Imbalances in air ions, humidity, CO2
      • Sleeping Sanctuary
      •  Furnishings and building envelope
    • Electromagnetic Fields
      • EMR measurements for suspected elevated
      • Electric Fields from alternating current
      • Electro-Magnetic fields from current, devices, faulty wiring, appliances, electronic equipment
      • High Radio Frequency Wireless transmissions (RF)
      • Cell towers, indoor wireless equipment signals
      • Static evaluation, furnishings
    • Recommendations and Resources
    • Follow up phone consultation
  • Real Estate Evaluation – Homes & 407.859.0006 for pricing
    • Looking for a healthy place to live?
    • Discover hidden health issues before you move
    • Know your options for shielding neighbors, cell towers, smart meters, etc.
    • Findings may be valuable in negotiating purchase
  • Call 407.859.0006 for pricing

  • Other Services 
    • Assistance with mitigation, repairs, subcontractors, trades, health care practitioners
    • $100 per hour, as needed

  • Lab fees – As Needed - If you choose to order
    • Air sampling for suspected mold
    • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
    • Allergens, dust mites, pet dander
    • Formaldehyde, Ozone
    • Radon home test kits
    • Water Check home test kits
  •         Example: air sample for mold – $70 each
  •         3 samples minimum required = $210    

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