Services - Phone Consultations

 Free Initial Consultation 

Feel free to call and have a conversation about how we might be able to help.  It's free!

If you are wondering if there are any unhealthy issues for you and your family in your home or workplace an initial phone call may give you the piece of mind you are looking for.  There is no charge to call us to discuss your concerns.

Specific Issues

Specific phone consultations can be very helpful in answering questions and helping you learn more about greening your home. Sometimes issues can be resolved over the phone by giving you simple directions on how to make a change that can improve the quality of your indoor environment immensely.

If, after your initial call, you would like to schedule an appointment for a phone consultation on specific issues we can set a time for a consultation fee of $30.

Home Assessments include a free initial phone call, so if you decide to schedule an on-site inspection, your consultation fee will be credited toward the Assessment fee.

A word from Diana –

“The call from another state was about an issue with a very expensive piece of diagnostic equipment that was working in some rooms but not in other locations in a home office situation. I was able to talk them through the factors in the room and narrowed it down to the dimmer switches, which are very commonly miss-wired and emit an electro-magnetic field – not a healthy situation. The owner, who is a health care provider, had the dimmers taken out and the equipment worked perfectly. No on-site visit was required.”


“Call to find out if you need a consultation - 407.859.0006 or click here for  Contact Us page”