The Sleeping Sanctuary

      "While sleeping, we rejuvenate, rest and heal.
We need a room that is clean, natural and electrically quiet."

We each spend about a third of our lives in our bedroom. It is an important place to start when looking for ways to improve our home environment.

Ways to begin include moving electronics away from the immediate area around the bed, including wireless phones, clock radios and TVs, all of which emit electromagnetic radiation.

Change out the sheets, from synthetic blends to natural and organic fibers. Wool mattress pads, cotton and bamboo fabrics do not hold static electricity and they regulate temperature and moisture next to the body naturally.

The same goes for carpeting in the bedroom, avoid synthetic, nylon or any petroleum/plastic or vinyl based flooring. Wool, jute, hemp, natural linoleum and hardwood are all healthy choices.

And avoid furniture made with particle board, glues, or synthetic finishes. Use solid wood, rattan, bamboo or other natural materials that will not be off-gassing while you sleep.