About Building Biology

A comprehensive holistic way of evaluating
indoor spaces

Throughout history humans have been constructing homes and shelters with the natural building materials found in their local landscapes.  Until fairly recently in our cultural history, we have been nurtured with nature, thriving in spaces that protect us, support us and safely surround us with breathable air, comfortable sleep and places we love to call ‘home.’ 

In many modern day homes this is no longer the case.  With a tight building ‘envelope’ to maintain air conditioned or heated rooms we keep the inside air from exchanging with fresh air outside.  Many unhealthy materials and products are polluting our indoor air to the point it is worse than many smog-ridden congested cities in our country. 

There is an international movement of individuals who are working to inform all who are concerned about how our built environment is affecting our health, and, what environmentally friendly alternatives are available in building materials, techniques and furnishings. 

This group is called The International Institute for Bau-BiologieTM and Ecology (IBE), also called Building Biology

This non-profit organization came over from Germany in 1987 and is the holistic study of the man-made environment, human health and ecology. More information can be found at the IBE website, http://www.hbelc.org