Stories from a Building Biologist

By Diana Schultz, BA, BBEC 

I came across an Ozone generator in a home not long ago.  The owners called it an ‘air purifier.’ They were typical well-informed folks with some health issues, trying to do what they thought was right – to help themselves heal. 

Little did they know the oxidizing effects of Ozone free radicals could be adding to their health challenges down the road.  We take anti-oxidant vitamins to scavenge free radicals from our bodies.  The scientific evidence from the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, the American Lung Association and the Journal for the American Medical Association, is in agreement – Ozone generators have no place inside a home environment with humans living there. 

Harmful effects come from oxidizing lung tissue and bronchial tissue, and none of these machines are regulated or approved by any government agency.  The EPA specifically states that they have never, nor will they ever approve these devices for use, and they support the scientific testing of these devices that shows they emit high exposure levels of ozone that can harm the health of those breathing it.  EPA publication on ozone generators.

Not only do these ‘air purifiers’ or air ionizers emit Ozone, they emit high Electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  I measured a reading that was over five times the safe level of EMF in these folks’ kitchen where they had the unit up on top of cabinet.  But the surprise for me was the extreme high radio frequencies (RF) that were being emitted that were in the wireless microwave band.  It was putting out RF wireless transmissions that made standing by their kitchen sink the most unhealthy place in their house. 

The good news – all they had to do was unplug it.  And we did.  The readings went down to zero on my meters.  People can heal their home environments and their bodies.