Identify Hazards

Without being aware of the possible health hazards we are being exposed to, we unknowingly purchase, use, and surround ourselves with many products that contain untested harmful chemicals that are creating a 'chemical soup' inside our homes. To use the analogy of a rain barrel, a person can absorb only so much unnatural chemical 'load' and will 'fill up' so to speak.

When that level is reached, a person develops Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and cannot take 'one more toxin' without having strong negative health reactions. This can happen to anyone over time. The good news is that it can be reversed by eliminating the causes - the sources of the chemicals. People can heal. 

We help identify and/or measure:

  • Off-gassing of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from synthetic fabrics, carpets, paint, glues, cleaning products, pesticides, combustible gasses, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide
  • Humidity sources and causes, that create toxic mold
  • Electromagnetic radiation levels that can emanate from electronic devices and wiring, wireless technology, fluorescent lighting, power lines and cell phone towers.