About Diana


"I am constantly amazed about the many everyday products we bring into our homes without realizing what they are really made of – and what they can do to our bodies. The information is out there, in many scientific studies and years of experience in the field.

I am passionate about bringing this important information to those who are searching for answers. And I love to see eyes light up when they get the connections between how well we feel and how our surroundings make all the difference."


Through experience in design, project management and Feng Shui studies, Diana was introduced to the International Institute for Bau-Biologie and EcologyTM (IBE). This non-profit organization is dedicated to the principles of living in harmony with nature and in creating built environments that naturally support health and well being in homes and work places every day.

With a background in Urban Planning and Environmental Studies (Rollins, ’99) and experience with a number of ecological initiatives (Recycle Florida Today, Eco-Action, Green Team and Board Member at Christ Church Unity, Florida Green Builders Coalition Member) Diana is successfully melding her spatial creativity with her passion for improving the environment and people’s lives.

As a Program Provider for the Institute (IBE), Diana conducts presentations on and educational workshops to raise awareness of common and surprising sources of indoor hazards that are known to cause ill-health.

Diana Schultz is a Certified Building Biologist and Bau-Biologie Environmental Consultant
in Orlando, Florida.