About Green & Healthy Homes

Measuring living spaces,
Making the invisible – visible


At Green and Healthy Homes we offer help that is so very needed in this modern day. The information that you may be finding out there can be conflicting, incomplete or totally incorrect.

As Building Biologists we are clearly intent on sharing the wisdom and knowledge gathered from the research and experience of Bau-Biologists in Germany and across the US for over 20 years.

We can help direct you away from toxins, electro-pollution, harmful chemicals and materials that contain them. We focus on the healthy options.

We evaluate the indoor environment including:

  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)
  • Building Materials and Furnishings

We are not just talking about healthy homes. We take on-site measurements of indoor climate factors that can affect humidity, off-gassing of chemicals and toxins, and particles in the air.

We take meter readings of electro-magnetic fields and high frequency communications that are known to interfere with the endocrine system, the central nervous system and the immune system. And we evaluate materials and furnishings for their health-supporting qualities.

The good news is that we can help identify improvements to energy efficiency, space planning, lighting and supportive furnishings that balance the livability of the spaces in practical terms.