Sleep Shield Canopy

Shields Wireless RF and Electric Fields

This is the most sheer, breathable Conductive, Radio Frequency shielding fabric we have found! sleepcanopy2

Imported from Germany, this fabric has a superior RF shielding capability up to 18GHz and damping at 99.999%. 

Designed to be used with the Grounding Pad to complete the enclosure & ground electric fields, and has two side doors. Shields Smart Meters, cell towers, Wi-Fi hot spots, radar, military transmissions, and neighbor’s microwave radiation.

Can be hung from the ceiling or from our Portable Wood Frame, Poplar wood, easy assembly, no glue, no metal, no finishes, comes apart to fit in airline travel bag.


   Ultra high damping - even at  very high frequencies

   Air permeable / breathable 

    Washable and Anti-static

Technical Data

   Shielding: RF & LF electric fields        

   Frequency range: 100MHz to 18GHz


   Damping (dB): 50dB      

   Damping (%): 99.999%  

   Screening material: silver    

   Carrier material: polyamide      

   Color: silver

Twin / Crib -  86” x 45”                  $1,894 

Double / Queen -  86” x 66”          $2,397  

King -  86” x 82”                            $2,917 
Grounding Pad -  with cord            $525 

Portable Wood Frame - any size - $399



The Sleep Shield Canopy shields your body from wireless microwave signals from WiFi, cell phone towers, Smart Meters and high radio frequency (RF) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).

* Sheer Swiss ShieldTM fabric 

* Natural kiln-dried wood frame

* No glue, no metal, no chemicals

* Fits under ceiling fans

* PORTABLE fits in airplane travel bag

* Easily assembled by one person 


Fabric: Copper fiber wrapped in silver with white poly thread in an open sheer weave, breathable, light, soft, washable

Frame: Domestically grown, kiln-dried solid poplar wood from sustainable forests, no metal,  no putty or glue, chemicals or finishes

Health: Reduces 95-99% wireless EMR exposures that can cause sleep disorders, migraines, ‘brain fog,’ immune system disruption and oxidative stress within the cells of our body 

KING -   $1226  

QUEEN -   $1129 

TWIN -  $903


(to complete the enclosure)





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