Building Biologists -  
Measuring Indoor Environments
for Healthy Living
  • Being ‘Green” is about more than just using less energy. It’s about what’s good for the environment AND our human bodies.
  • Allergies, asthma, autism – all are on the rise, especially in children. And so is the use of medications for everything from depression, fatigue, and infertility to a wide range of degenerative diseases.
  • As Building Biologists we know that any reduction in exposure is worthwhile. We use the latest in meters and equipment to take the data and assess possible health risks in your home.
  • Bau-Biologie or Building Biology is a holistic practice that evaluates Indoor Air Quality and Electromagnetic Radiation sources in living spaces based on natural building principles, materials and furnishings. Mother Nature is the ultimate guide.
  • The results are clearly showing - healthy home improvements have positive effects on wellness. By knowing the building biology status of your home – you have choices. People can heal.


Diana Schultz, BA, BBEC 

Certified Building Biologist
Bau-Biologie Environmental Consultant
Orlando, Florida